Our Founder


¡Hola! My Name is Diana- Founder of Piel Culta


  I founded Piel Culta because I know what it feels like to be self-conscious in your skin. For years I struggled with Acne and pigmentation (I still do), this affected how I saw myself, I felt like no matter what product I used I would never be pretty enough. I know I am not alone, I know many of us feels this way and how could we not? We are constantly being bombarded with beauty brands selling us "perfection" in a bottle or new beauty tends by way of a new Tik-Tok video. I say out with Toxic beauty standards.

Piel Culta is my way of revolting against these ideas, skincare should be about nurturing one's skin and loving one's self. 


Facts About Me

 I was born in Mexicali, Mexico and raised in Montebello, CA. I am bilingual, I speak English, Spanish and  Spanglish 🤪 . I am unapologetic about a woman's right to choose, LGBTQ+ rights are human rights!! Just your normal, liberal Gemini.




Want to connect? Shoot me an email: diana@pielculta.com and follows us on Instagram: @piel_culta